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2019_02_06 Sunset breathtaking
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2019_04_10 Wildflower Indian Blanket and
2017_08_25 Propolis traps to all hives
2019_07_18 Extraction_03
bee on crape myrtle
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2020_02_28 Bee on Plum_02 in flight
2019_06_12 bees eating honey_02
2019_07_18 Extraction_04
2018_07_13 Honey extraction_010AC
2019_07_18 Extraction_06
2019_04_10 Wildflower Indian Blanket BES
2018_10_07 ATA Bottling CROPPED Forehead
2018_02_09 Bottling in commercial kitche
2020_02_28 Bee on yellow Flwer_02
2019_06_23 with observation hive_08
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Honey_12 oz_01
2018_06_06 honey comb_01
2019_11_20 Beewax votive candles
2019_04_15 Wax Circles
2019_06_23 with observation hive_02 CROP
2018_06_11 Wild plums w bee boxes_01
2018_06_11 wildplums_01
2014_07_12_hay and shredded_05
2019_02_24 Canadian Geese 8 of them in p
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2019_06_08 Blacberry bushes_03
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2019_05_29 Wildflower Pinks_01
2019_06_08 Karrisa Edwards and grandbaby
2015_06_13_berries into cobbler by LMVB
2019_05_29 Blackberry Jam ingredients
2014_05_24_Bird Bugs and Flowers
2014_07_12_BB Box_02
2017_04_12 Box 13C_date is approximate_1
2017_05_17 Box 2B 1 live young and 3 bb eggs
WF_2017_05_05 Catcus flower_edited
Raccoon wading pool_image
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Our mission is to foster a natural habitat for bees and wildlife that supports the production of raw, unfiltered honey that we harvest from our hives and bring to your table.  Although our beekeeping business is small, Shannon and Lydia (beekeepers/owners) strive to implement best practices recommended in beekeeping. Our hives are registered with the Texas Apiary Inspection Services, and we  participate in the Texas Master Beekeeper Program.
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Sunken Boot Honey is one of the more than 20 artisan vendors, who are part of Around Town Artisans, a group of Artisan friends who bring our handmade, homemade, and handcrafted products and services to your local community.  Be on the lookout for us at your HOA!

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