Extracting Honey

1.  It starts with rain. Wildflowers bloom. The bees bring back the flower-nectar to the bee boxes.  The bee boxes are called supers.


2019_04_03 Honey frame with Honey and po

2. The bees put the honey in the frames of the supers and cap the honey with wax.

Wax Capping

2019_04_03 Honey frame Healthy BEST.jpg


3.  We take the supers to the honey house. 

4.  With a capping knife, we cut off, and save, the wax cappings, that fall into a bin. 

2018_07_13 Honey extraction_06.JPG

5.  The frames are put into the extractor, and spun.  The honey is flung from the frames and slides down the sides of the steel tub, where it enters a pour spout.

6.  The honey flows out of the extractor's pour spout, through strainers to remove the large particles like a bee leg or wing, and then into 5 gallon buckets.

2019_07_18 Extraction_08B.jpg

7.  The honey in the 5 gallon buckets, is later bottled in smaller amounts.  The cappings are cleaned, and the beeswax is sold for many uses.

Honey_12 oz_02.JPG
2019_04_15 Wax Circles.jpg